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04. Removal of residual chlorine

You can prevent skin problems and hair damage caused by residual chlorine. ��

  • Inside each Aroma Sense shower head there is a capsule with Vitamin C gel. The hot water of the shower melts the gel adding the Vitamin C to the shower water, which instantly removes residual chlorine.
  • The Vitamin C filter doesn’t affect the water stream from the shower head. You will experience increased water pressure.
  • The Vitamin C helps to prevent skin problems and hair damage caused by residual chlorine.

Residual chlorine test

Look at the result of the residual chlorine test in the video.
When you put one drop of chlorine reagent (o-tolidine) in 50cc of water, the water changes into yellow color if there is residual chlorine. If not, it doesn’t change.

05. Effect of water saving

Maximize the effect of water and energy saving by reducing the amount of water consumed

Patented triangular water spray plate hole was successfully invented by KNTeC’s photo etching technology. We applied for domestic and international patents [A total of 4 patents including domestic patent 10-0562076, international patent ZL 2006 8 0025664. 7 and Chinese patent.] This triangular water spray plate hole technology has the effect of 20 ~ 50% water saving. It also increases discharge water pressure so that you can enjoy a spa like shower experience in your own home.


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